MAToday Patches

MAToday Custom Patches are available in traditional 4" sizes for your school patch or custom shapes to commemorate special occasions. Founded by martial artists, MAToday has strived to create the best products that enable our schools and tournaments to stand out from others. We are trusted by some of the largest associations in the world and continue to push the boundaries with our high-quality products. Artwork assistance is provided at no additional cost to provide you with the best service possible.

Patch Details

Our school patches are designed in the traditional 4" circular shape with up to 100% embroidery area. Custom shapes are available to create a memorable, special-event patch.

Minimum Orders

Our minimum order for patches is 300, starting at $1.25 per patch. Our low price includes shipping and handling, VAT taxes and potential customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. For high volume orders, lower pricing is available.

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