White Heavyweight Uniform
White Canvas Uniform

White Heavyweight Uniform

Our Moo Do Brand heavyweight uniforms are manufactured with a cotton/canvas material that gives them a durable, heavy duty feel. These 14-ounce uniforms help you look your best during training or competitions.

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Uniform Size
3 [+$2.00]
3½ [+$2.00]
4 [+$4.00]
4½ [+$4.00]
5 [+$6.00]
6 [+$6.00]
Belt Size
Special Instructions help

White Heavyweight Uniform

Moo Do Brand heavyweight uniforms are a blend of cotton and canvas fabric manufactured into a durable, well-fitted uniform for martial artists of all ages. Each white, green and red trim uniform comes with the top, pants and a matching belt. These heavyweight uniforms are suited for looking your best in class and performing your best during competitions. Attention school owners! Need to have your school patches sewn? Our in-store seamstress can sew on your patch before we ship out your order.

Product Details

Moo Do Brand uniforms from size 1 and below have an easy-to-use elastic waistband for young students. Sizes 2 and above are manufactured with a drawstring waistband. Each uniform comes with a free belt in the trim color of the uniform. Middleweight uniforms are rated at 8 ounces and are suitable for younger students. Heavyweight uniforms are rated at 14 ounces and are more durable for adults or heavy use. Heavyweight uniforms are only available in sizes 2 and above.

Look Good...Feel Good...Perform Great!

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