Slapper Kicking Target

Slapper Kicking Target

The Moo Do Brand Slapper Kicking Target is a large, sturdy kicking object for increasing accuracy and power. Available in Blue and Red colors.

Moo Do Brand



Slapper Kicking Targets

Moo Do Brand Slapper Kicking Targets are constructed with a double paddle design for a loud popping sound when hit. The large paddle size and grips are designed for use at home or in commercial schools. A staple tool for martial artists, slapper targets are used to increase accuracy, speed, and power. These targets are easy to use and have hundreds of drills to improve kicking fundamentals.

Product Details

Designed to be durable enough for commercial schools, our kicking targets are created to perfectly balance quality and price. Solid constructed to take a beating, our Moo Do Brand targets are made with vinyl and high-density foam. Available in red and blue.

Look Good...Feel Good...Perform Great!

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